AGSECO, Inc. - Superior Wheat Genetics and Technology

AGSECO, Inc. is a group of regional seed companies who cooperatively market wheat genetics in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Nebraska. AGSECO Companies are able to efficiently & cost effectively produce and market the finest varieties available in their local trade regions. From its initial start-up of nine like-minded Kansas seed producers, AGSECO has grown to over 40 Associates in four states. AGSECO is committed to continuing to grow and expand into areas currently not serviced by our Associates.

The Value of Quality Seed

The value of high quality seed in today’s agriculture is often under appreciated and not well understood. Agronomists tell us that 60 percent of a small grain crop’s yield potential is determined at planting. There are many components that play a role in determining the yield of a grain crop. For example, seeding rate, depth and placement, soil type and fertility, disease and insect infestation, etc. Of all these components, variety selection and seed quality are of paramount importance.

Your AGSECO Associate is a professional seed producer with the knowledge and equipment to professionally advise you on variety selection and to insure you receive the highest quality seed possible from his seed conditioning operation. Wheat seed varieties you purchase from your AGSECO Associate will be certified, weed-free, genetically and mechanically pure seed with high germination and good test weight. University and seed company research demonstrates a two to four bushels per acre advantage from planting certified seed wheat as opposed to farmer saved-seed.

Another important consideration in the purchase of AGSECO wheat varieties is the ongoing research and development of new superior varieties. A significant portion of the purchase price of AGSECO varieties is remitted directly back to our breeding partners to allow them to recoup past development costs and invest in future variety research. In order to remain competitive in the global economy, a continuing supply of new and improved varieties is essential. When you purchase AGSECO wheat varieties you are investing in your future.