AGSECO, Inc. - Superior Wheat Genetics and Technology

AGSECO, Inc. is a group of regional seed companies who cooperatively market wheat genetics in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Nebraska. AGSECO Companies are able to efficiently & cost effectively produce and market the finest varieties available in their local trade regions. From its initial start-up of nine like-minded Kansas seed producers, AGSECO has grown to over 40 Associates in four states. AGSECO is committed to continuing to grow and expand into areas currently not serviced by our Associates.

New for 2016!
AG Robust is a new AGSECO hard red winter wheat variety released in 2014. It is adapted to all of Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern Texas. AG Robust offers producers exceptional yield performance, very good test weight, and very good straw strength. AG Robust is early in maturity and has good baking and milling quality. It has an exceptional leaf disease package and very high tillering capacity. AG Robust has exceptional acid soil tolerance and good winterhardiness.

Beyond® Crop Production System

AGSECO and BASF have teamed-up to bring the CLEARFIELD® Production System to wheat farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska. This system combines superior genetics, such as the variety Protection, with excellent weed control through Beyond™ herbicide.

This combination of AGSECO wheat varieties and BASF technology provides wheat farmers another management tool in their efforts to maximize grain yields and profit. Beyond™ herbicide will control or suppress a broad spectrum of weeds, many of which have been previously uncontrollable in wheat production.

Difficult weeds such as:

  • jointed goatgrass
  • cheatgrass
  • downy brome
  • hairy chess
  • feral rye
  • volunteer cereals
  • Italian ryegrass

CLEARFIELD® wheat varieties are developed using conventional methods and there are no marketing or export restrictions attached to these varieties. AGSECO is currently evaluating many new CLEARFIELD® wheat lines and expects to have widely adapted varieties in the near future.

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